What Is Smart ?

Smart Repair is an abbreviation for Small Area Repair Technique. The processes highlighted below, when applied by our skilled SMART repair technician can offer fast (generally under 1 hour), low cost ,efficient, environmentally friendly repairs across a range of cosmetic damage to cars including alloy wheel damage commonly caused by kerbing, chips and scuffs from small collisions, rips, tears and holes within the car interior, bumper repairs, small dings and dents, scratches and paint chips.

Chips & Scuff Repair -

Hyperfromance specialist equipment, paint and clear coats, enable our trained technician to repair scratches, scuffs and paints chips, restoring bumpers and panels to their original condition including the textured finish. The repair process is applicable on either black or colour coded bumpers.

Alloy Wheel refurbishment

Hyperformance specialist equipment and consumables allow our trained technician to refurbish. Scuffed or scratched alloy wheels damaged through scraping the kerb can ruin the appearance of your car. Replacement is one option, but can cost hundreds of pounds. Our professional alloy wheel refurbishment service restores the wheels to their showroom finish and greatly increases the value of your car. We do not compromise on quality. We use two-pack paint and have a wide range of colours as well as silver for that perfect finish.

Interior Repair

Hyperformance specialist equipment and consumables allow our trained technician to repair cigarette burns, mobile phone bracket holes, tears in leather seats and general deterioration of plastic parts within the vehicle.

Interior velour and leather upholstery seats, carpet or door trims which have become torn, scuffed or damaged can be quickly repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Special repair techniques and materials are used to repair minor tears and holes. Special water-based paints are then used to restore the original colour to as good as new.

Cigarette Burns
Cigarette burns are tricky. These days many seats cannot be recovered as the fabric is chemically bonded to the foam padding. This leaves one of two options: complete replacement or a smart repair. We replace the burnt fibres with new ones using a unique matching system to match the original fabric pattern as close as possible and making the repair almost invisible to the naked eye.

Plastic Welding Repair

Hyperformance range of specialist equipment and consumables enable our trained technician to repair and not replace.

Bumpers and Wing Mirrors
Bumpers and exterior mirror casings which have become cracked or scuffed,dashboards that have holes need not be replaced. Texture and matching colour is applied to the component area then lacquered to ensure the repair exactly replicates the original factory-fitted item.

Textured Bumper Scuff
Non-colour coded bumpers which have become scuffed or scraped can be repaired using a compatible filler which is then textured and finished with a matching colour to ensure the repair matches the original.

Scratches and Chip Repair -

Hyperformance specially formulated repair system enable our technician to fill the scratch / chip using a smoothing over technique. This technique will enhance the cosmetic appearance of a car.


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